Former State Representative Matt Wingard Announces Run for House District 26

Former State Representative Matt Wingard Announces Run for House District 26

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Former State Representative Matt Wingard Announces Run
For House District 26

Proven fiscal conservative and education reformer says district voters deserve a choice in May

Wilsonville, OR
— Former State Representative Matt Wingard (R-Wilsonville) today announced his decision to run for Oregon House District 26, giving voters an opportunity to once again be represented by a proven fiscal conservative.

“It’s been disappointing to watch my elected representative vote with the Democrats in Salem rather than defend taxpayers,” stated Wingard, who served in the Oregon Legislature from 2008-2013. Wingard said he was upset to learn from community members that outgoing Representative John Davis had quietly encouraged his friend to move from Portland so he could run in one of the only Republican-leaning districts in the Metro-area. “This legislative seat is not John Davis’ to give away. The voters in the district deserve to have a choice, not a hand-picked successor,” explained Wingard.

After his two terms in the legislature, Wingard took the opportunity to travel abroad, teaching English in China, and spending time with his son Hunter, a Specialist in the United States Army stationed in Georgia. “My journey took me all over Europe and Asia. Everywhere I went I found parents who share the same dreams for their children—for them to have access to the best education so they can grow and thrive.”

“Ultimately, even with all the amazing experiences and wonderful people I met, the pull to be home and to serve my community never went away,” said Wingard. “Given what I just saw happen in the 2016 legislative session, it’s clear our community needs a strong advocate for change in Salem.

Wingard points to roughly $1.5 billion in new state bonding, a corporate tax increase, and almost no ending-fund balance left in reserve, as reasons for voters to send him back to Salem. “When I first ran for the Legislature in 2008, I promised to oppose tax increases, fight for low-income children and get our transportation funding redirected back to our roads and bridges,” he said. “I was part of the shared-leadership team that balanced the state’s budget without tax increases. As Co-Chair of the House Education Committee, I also negotiated passage of the most significant education reforms in Oregon history, allowing thousands of children access to better school options.

I’m proud of what we accomplished, but there is more work to do. I’m reenergized and ready to help conservatives win again.”