Putting School Children First

Put Our School Children First

More than one in every five students in Oregon fails to graduate from high school on time. Matt Wingard has helped open new, innovative public schools in Oregon where thousands of children are less likely to dropout or fall behind.  Matt has dedicated his career to making sure that we have public schools that work for all of our children and that parents and teachers have more control – not bureaucrats and interest groups.


Fight Against New Taxes and Fees

Oregon taxpayers and businesses are overburdened by increased taxes and regulations. This burden reduces the growth of our economy and hurts families and our communities. As our State Representative, Matt opposed every tax increase and will fight efforts to pass new gas taxes and tolls on I-205.

Tough on Crime

Support Our Law Enforcement Officers

Matt is a strong supporter of the first responders who protect our neighborhoods. He passed the Fallen Public Safety Office license plate that pays for families to attend memorial ceremonies in Washington D.C. Matt also raises money to help children with mothers at our local women’s prison — programs focused on family reunification and reducing juvenile crime.


Make Government More Accountable

Taxpayers deserve simple, accurate information about how much we are paying in taxes and fees – and how our money is being spent. Matt has consistently fought for transparency laws and requiring state agencies to submit to outside performance audits. Matt cut wasteful spending in the Legislature and balanced the budget without tax increases.