We Stand with Matt

State Rep. Julie Parrish, West Linn

Fmr. State Rep. Katie Eyre, Hillsboro

Erik Seligman, Hillsboro School Board

Matt Langer, Fmr. Sherwood City Councilor

Steve Gilmore, Fmr. CEO Wilsonville Chamber

Doris Wehler, Past Pres. Wilsonville Chamber

Jim Haynes, Past Pres. Sherwood Chamber

Darren Harmon, Past Pres. Wilsonville Chamber

Hank Jarboe, Boston’s Pub & Grill, Wilsonville

Keith & Karen Kaiser, Sandelie Golf Course

Peter Hurley, Police Officer

Debi Laue, Realtor

Debi Lorence, Charter school founder

Robert Lussier, All Natural Landscape

Bonnie Bishop, Tigard

Kaleen Bennett, Aloha

Shirley Benson, Wilsonville

Bill Bryant, Wilsonville

Arnie & Judy Chase, Wilsonville

Bob & Ruth Davidson, Sherwood

Dave & Vergene Eischen, Cornelius

Edith Girouard, King City

Karin Grano, Wilsonville

Kristi Halvorson, Sherwood

Stiles Jewett, Wilsonville

Jan Kaiser, Wilsonville

Sherry Karl, Wilsonville

Kristine Inman, King City

John Irwin, Wilsonville

Sandy Raddue, Beaverton

Kris Rector, Wilsonville

Patrick Reed, Sherwood

Wesley Tinker, Tigard

Stan Satter, Wilsonville

Loren Shrock, Wilsonville

Dick Spence, Wilsonville

Lyneil Vandermolen, Wilsonville

Bruce Wallace, Wilsonville

Hugh & Janet Weber, Sherwood

Gordon Fiddes of Tigard Says:

  • Matt Wingard changes the way politics works in Oregon.
  • Working behind the scenes, Matt provided instrumental support resulting in more Republicans being elected to more seats in the Oregon House in 2010.
  • Parents and children enjoy more educational options as a direct result of Matt’s dedication serving as the Co-Chair of the House Education Committee.
  • Matt has provided proven, powerful, active representation for his house district.
  • Wingard works hard.  
Matt Wingard and Doris Wehler

“We need Matt to turn this liberal
train around. It’s destroying Oregon
and the people and the business in it.”

— Donna Clevenger, King City